Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Author: | Last Updated: 24 Oct 2019

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial is situated in a place of honor in West Potomac Park near the Potomac River. It was sponsored by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in honor of Founding Father Thomas Jefferson. The building was constructed between 1939 and 1943, and the bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson was added later, in 1947. Periodically there are talks at the Memorial, where visitors can learn more about Thomas Jefferson or aspects related to the building of the Memorial.

The design of the Jefferson Memorial makes references to iconic structures such as the Pantheon and Jefferson’s design for the Rotunda at the University of Virginia. It is considered one of the anchor points for the National Mall in Washington, D.C. A popular structure, it ranked fourth on the List of America’s Favorite Architecture as put out by the American Institute of Architects. The Jefferson Memorial is free to visit, and reservations are not required except for special events such as weddings.

City: Washington DC

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