National Museum of Natural History

Author: | Last Updated: 20 Oct 2019

Few collections spark wonder in the minds of children and adults alike as the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. This impressive collection is the most visited museum in North America and one of the most visited museums in the world. Dozens of exhibitions feature everything from a life-size Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton in the always eye-opening Hall of Dinosaurs, and, in the same visit, interact with the Walking with Dinosaurs experience. In the Hall of Minerals, you can view a variety of gemstones, including the most famous (and most cursed) diamond in the world, the Hope Diamond. While not all of the items that the Smithsonian collection includes are on display, there are more than 126 million specimens of plants and animals, as well as cultural artifacts that can be displayed, ensuring that no matter how many times you go to the museum, there’s always something new to see. Admission to the Smithsonian museums are free throughout the year.

City: Washington DC

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