Plaza de Zocodover

Author: | Last Updated: 7 Jan 2020

The Plaza de Zocodover is the main square in the city of Toledo. For many years, from 1465 until the 1960s, it featured a Tuesday market, which was the main successor to the livestock market that occurred here when the city was a Spanish Muslim settlement, hence the name from the Arabic souq ad-dawab. Other events occurred here, such as Spanish bullfights and public burnings during the Spanish Inquisition.

The original location was destroyed by fires during 1589, and the current plaza was designed in its rectangular portico square shape. The original location was much narrower than it is currently. During the 17th century, this tourist attraction was widened by knocking down houses that were considered to have little value. The Plaza de Zocodover is still a popular place for people to visit and grab a snack or sit at a cafe. It is free to visit and wander the streets, with numerous boutique stores to shop in.

City: Toledo

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