Catedral Primada Santa María

Author: | Last Updated: 21 Jan 2020

The Catedral Primada Santa María in Toledo, Spain is also called the Toledo Cathedral and popularly known as Dives Toletana. The cathedral is one of the most outstanding cathedrals in Spain, one of only three 13 century High Gothic cathedrals in the country. This tourist attraction and historical building was started with original work beginning in 1226 and with final Gothic contributions being added in 1493. Built largely out of locally sourced white limestone, the cathedral features impressive ambulatory vaults, and the structure incorporates light shining into the church in a remarkable way.

The Catedral Primada is open seven days per week, with limited hours on Sunday. If you can avoid going on a Sunday, that might be best, as the cathedral is free for visiting Spaniards no matter where in the country they are from, causing there to be long lines. There is an admission fee, which is 10 Euros as of 2019, although you can also pay to visit the bell tower, giving you a glimpse across the city.

City: Toledo

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