La Giralda

Author: | Last Updated: 24 Oct 2019

A tall, imposing bell tower which resides next to the equally grand cathedral, you shouldn’t miss out on ‘La Giralda’ during your stay in the city. The bell tower of Seville can be seen from far away due to its dizzying height of over 340ft. The most impressive part of the bell tower isn’t necessarily its exterior though, but the views accessible by scaling the ramps to the top. Once you reach the top of ‘La Giralda’ you will be met with breathtaking 360 degree views of the Andalusian capital. Some of the highlights are seeing the large gothic cathedral from above in its entirety. You can even see the beautiful orange tree courtyard below which likewise provides a great view looking up at the tower. Lastly, you can see over the impressive gardens of the Alcázar palace which is conveniently located just a stone’s throw from the bell tower.

City: Seville

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