St Giles’ Cathedral

Author: | Last Updated: 5 Nov 2019

Standing tall and proud amidst the incredible architecture of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile is the magnificent St Giles’ Cathedral. Home to the presbyterian movement and with a rich and colourful history, St Giles’ is an essential spot to visit on any trip to Scotland’s capital. The legendary Scottish reformer and preacher John Knox called St. Giles’ home and, his final resting place. Unlike many tourist attractions, St. Giles’ has an elegance and beauty to it that captivates visitors from the moment they lay eyes on its typical gothic architecture. Huge stained-glass windows tell stories of their own to visitors taking the time to stop and ponder. St Giles’ is a place of spiritual significance, architectural intrigue and historical value. Visitors are often left breathless at its beauty and mystery. Full of nooks and crannies, St Giles’ Cathedral has seemingly endless wonders to explore. As a working church, it is well worth a visit when it plays host to one of many annual, cultural events.

City: Edinburgh

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