Princes Street

Author: | Last Updated: 17 Dec 2019

If the beating heart of Edinburgh is its historical buildings and monuments then, the central vein feeding that beating heart would be Princes Street. Like so many famous European boulevards, Princes Street really does have it all! From big-brand department stores and designer outlets through to pubs, bars and restaurants, a trip to Edinburgh isn’t complete without Princes Street on your itinerary. Set aside a decent handful of hours to browse the numerous boutiques and big names and make sure you find a suitable spot for lunch. Don’t forget to take in the views at this magnificent tourist attraction too! Edinburgh is a city of contrasts, a city of old and new sharing the same space. Nowhere is the old and new more obvious than Princes Street with its modern shops and facades and views of the old monuments and the castle to provide an aged backdrop. The perfect place to soak up the atmosphere of Scotland’s thriving capital.

City: Edinburgh

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