National Museum of Scotland

Author: | Last Updated: 12 Nov 2019

In the far southern corner of Edinburgh’s Old Town are the two different but connected buildings that make up Scotland’s National Museum. With exhibits covering a range of themes, there’s enough here to keep everybody happy for hours on end.  Not only are there plenty of artefacts to see but, the building itself is spectacular to look at with the high, domed ceiling of the grand gallery regularly taking visitors’ breath away. Perhaps Edinburgh’s most popular tourist attraction, the National Museum of Scotland pulls in around 2 million visitors every year. With Exhibits focussed on science, technology, ancient history, architecture and natural history, there’s enough to see here to make a lasting impression. Edinburgh’s National Museum of Scotland features some incredible displays and artefacts including the world famous Dolly the sheep, the first-ever cloned animal and a costume belonging to legendary pop icon, Elton John. A visit to this beautiful place shouldn’t just be reserved for a rainy day, it is worth a visit all year round.

City: Edinburgh

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