Calton Hill

Author: | Last Updated: 19 Nov 2019

No Scottish adventure is complete without a 10-minute walk up the famous, Calton Hill. A brisk climb to the top will reward visitors with the most incredible 360 degree, panoramic views over Scotland’s capital. It’s wise to plan a trip either early in the morning or at sunset if you’re into taking photos, the views and colours are unrivaled in Edinburgh. More than just an exciting piece of land, Calton Hill is worthy of the title, tourist attraction in its own right. Featuring several impressive buildings and monuments from Scotland’s recent history, Calton hill is worth a visit from cultural and historical sightseers as well as those wanting to admire the views. Calton Hill features the famous National Monument of Scotland which is based on the Pantheon in Athens. So, if you’re looking for breathtaking views, incredible architecture and fantastic photo opportunities, it is well worth your time to visit Calton Hill.

City: Edinburgh

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