Ponte de Dom Luis I

Author: | Last Updated: 19 Oct 2019

The Luís I bridge (Ponte de Dom Luis I) is by far and away the most visually impressive attractions in the city of Porto. Not especially noteworthy for its intricate design or distinct architectural style, the bridge is characterized by its imposing size. The city of Porto is divided into two districts which are separated by a deep valley and the Douro river. The districts are connected by six bridges, and Luís I bridge is the most striking of them all. While it’s nice to admire the bridge from a distance, or from the nearby Fernandina Wall structure, the best way to experience it is by walking across it. As you make your way across the bridge heading towards the historic centre of Porto, you will be met with arguably the best view of the city. The bold colored houses that are so common within Portugal and the maritime activity down below in the river will leave a lasting impression.

City: Porto

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