Garrafeira do Carmo

Author: | Last Updated: 19 Oct 2019

The Garrafeira do Carmo is quite possibly the most interesting and quirky liquor store you could hope to visit during your stay in Portugal. From the outside the store resembles a tiny house, complete with bright colors, an inviting sign, and a couple of columns. On the inside, you’ll find a wall of bottled Port wine with handmade price tickets hanging from them. Port is a special type of fortified wine produced in the Douro Valley. The wine comes in many flavor profiles and colors, depending on the grapes used. A stop in this liquor store is a good a place as any to find out more about the locally-produced wine, and get a bottle to take home or enjoy during your stay in the city. Garrafeira do Carmo is special because of the people who work there. The owners really care about their products, and are more than willing to provide tastings and help you pick out the perfect Port for you.

City: Porto

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