National Museum of Ancient Art

Author: | Last Updated: 19 Oct 2019

Situated in the district of Santos, the National Museum of Ancient Art is an important museum not only within the country, but also in Europe. The museum is revered due to the large collection of artwork that it houses, spanning all the way from the 12th century to the 19th century. The doors first opened in 1884, and was previously an ornate palace, making it a highly enjoyable space to explore. There are regular temporary exhibits here, but the main attraction of this museum is its stunning collection of sculptures and paintings, which are well-worth seeing in person. As an attraction, the museum does a fantastic job of writing descriptions of all of their artwork, and maintains it all superbly. If you are visiting Lisbon for the firest time, you can easily spend a day in here, browsing and admiring the myriad paintings and sculptures, plus there’s even a well-rated restaurant on-site to stop at and reflect on everything you’ve seen.

City: Lisbon

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