Van Gogh Museum

Author: | Last Updated: 19 Oct 2019

If you’re a fan of art and Impressionist art in particular, you’re likely also a fan of Van Gogh. Although his name might be hard to pronounce, the quality of work is undeniable. He is one of the most famous Dutch painters and his iconic paintings, such as “The Potato Eaters” and “Sunflowers,” are universally beloved. The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam was founded in 1973 to honor the work of this remarkable and tragic painter. It is one of the most visited museums not only in Amsterdam, but in the world, and draws millions of visitors every year. The museum houses the most extensive collection of Van Gogh’s art in the world, as well as pieces by other famous impressionist artists, such as Monet. The Van Gogh Museum also hosts exciting temporary exhibitions, so there is something new to see on every visit. The beautiful contemporary building is located in the center of Amsterdam, near the Rijksmuseum, and is a must-visit for anyone looking to add some culture to their itinerary.

City: Amsterdam

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