National Museum of Anthropology

Author: | Last Updated: 23 Nov 2019

If you want to learn about Mexico’s ancient history, this is the place to go. Divided into twelve sections, 24 rooms, and three auditoriums, you can spend hours and hours of one day learning about Mexican history. Home to artifacts from different Mesoamerican cultures, you can go through the three official periods: pre-classic (the Olmecs), classic (the Mayans), and postclassic (the Aztecs). Among their most famous pieces, you will find the Aztec Calendar Stone, the gigantic Olmec heads, statues of different gods and goddesses (from various cultures), reproductions of tombs and altars, and the headdress of Moctezuma II. This tourist attraction is one of the most prominent museums in the whole American continent and is famous for the relevance of the Mesoamerican artifacts that it exhibits. Last but not least, two of those 24 rooms are temporary exhibitions so even if you’ve visited before, there can still be something new that you haven’t seen yet.

City: Mexico City

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