Castle of Chapultepec

Author: | Last Updated: 6 Dec 2019

The zone around and within Chapultepec can easily take you a day to visit; with famous museums, a zoo, the woods, the former official residence of Mexico’s presidents, and a castle, you will find something that interests you here, no doubt about it. It is a tourist attraction for all! First up, the castle was built back when Mexico was still a Spanish colony. Since then, it has been home to an emperor, a military academy, a place to store gunpowder, an astronomical observatory, the residence of the President, and nowadays the National Museum of History. As you can see, this castle is full of Mexican history and was even the place of the famous Battle of Chapultepec against the United States. Furthermore, the woods are an excellent place to take a stroll or run if that’s what you’re into. The zoo, although small, is an excellent option to keep kids entertained. Last but not least, there are at least two prominent museums nearby, the National Anthropology Museum & the Tamayo Museum of Contemporary Art. Oh! And the recent addition: Los Pinos, what used to be the official residence of Mexico’s Presidents until 2018.

City: Mexico City

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