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During the Edo period, the Japanese built many fortified islands in the bay of Tokyo to protect the city. Most of those small islands merged into larger islands through the construction of landfills. In the 1980s the municipality of Tokyo started a project to turn these islands into usable land. They built futuristic residences and business districts, turning Odaiba island into one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city. The arrival of hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls in the late 1990s, made Odaiba a tourist attraction as well. It is now the spot of choice for a romantic date, because of the wide array of dining options and entertainment. Tourists love the extravagance of Odaiba with its trendy shops and bold architecture. But it also a great spot to go for a leisurely walk, with elevated pedestrian walkways and lots of greenery. Odaiba is connected to the rest of Tokyo through several bridges and a metro line.

City: Tokyo

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