Pure Water Temple

Author: | Last Updated: 16 Mar 2020

The Kiyomizu-dera Temple (Pure Water Temple) is one of the oldest and most beautiful temples in Japan, dating back to 780 AD. It is named after the crystal clear water of the Otowa waterfall. The temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a famous tourist attraction in Kyoto, located in the mountains just outside the city. Kiyomizu-dera is a Buddhist temple consisting of several impressive structures, such as shrines and pagodas. The main attraction of the temple is the wooden balcony elevated 13 meters above the hillside. It provides visitors with a lovely view of the surrounding landscape, which is especially spectacular during cherry blossom and fall color season. Behind the temple lie two large stones that are said to bring luck in love if you can find your way from one to the other blind. Each stream of the Otowa Waterfall is also supposed to have benefits, from academic success to romantic fortune.

City: Kyoto

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