Nishiki Market

Author: | Last Updated: 28 Oct 2019

You can find great food all over Kyoto, but no place does it quite like Nishiki Market. This large market consists of five streets where you can find all kinds of Japanese culinary delights. The market is centuries old, with the first shop opening in 1310. Nishiki Market is a big tourist attraction in Kyoto, especially among foodies. If you’re interested in exploring the cuisine of Kyoto, Nishiki Market cannot be missed. The narrow streets and small shops can get pretty crowded, and the choice is overwhelming, so give yourself enough time to see it all. Although some of the shops are a bit touristic, most still sell authentic and locally sourced and produced products. You will likely get hungry while touring Nishiki Market, but luckily some of the vendors hand out free samples, and there are small restaurants and street food carts as well.

City: Kyoto

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