Imperial Palace Kyoto

Author: | Last Updated: 1 Mar 2020

In 1868, the seat of the Japanese Empire and capital were moved from Kyoto to Tokyo. Before that, the Japanese Imperial Family lived in the Imperial Palace in Kyoto. The current Imperial Palace in Kyoto is not the original structure but dates back to 1855. The Imperial Palace and accompanying Imperial Gardens in Kyoto are now of the main tourist attractions in the city. Although it mostly functions as a museum, official enthronement ceremonies do still take place here. You no longer need to book a guided tour to access the Imperial Palace grounds, but English tours are available for visitors want to learn more about the palace. Unfortunately, you are only allowed to admire the structures from the outside and sometimes catch a glimpse of the interior, as entry to the buildings is not permitted. However, the palace grounds and Imperial Park are still awe-inspiring examples of traditional Japanese architecture and landscaping.

City: Kyoto

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