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On the west side of Kyoto along the Arashiyama Mountains lies the district of Arashiyama. You can reach Arashiyama in 30 minutes from the center of Kyoto by public transport. Arashiyama offers a beautiful green oasis for tourists and locals seeking refuge from the bustle of the city. The district is famous for several beautiful sights, of which the Bamboo Forest is the main tourist attraction. The Bamboo Forest is a vast grove of large bamboo trees that are beautiful to walk through. Nature lovers will also appreciate the Kameyama-koen Park where you might even spot some monkeys! The Arashiyama district is also home to several beautiful temples, such as the Tenryu-ji Temple, a traditional Zen temple, and the scenic Gio-ji Temple. If you are more interested in traditional Japanese architecture, there are some beautiful villas in the Arashiyama district that are open to visitors. And after a long day of exploring you can relax in the Tenzan-no-yu Onsen.

City: Kyoto

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