Trevi Fountain

Author: | Last Updated: 24 Oct 2019

A trip to Rome would not be complete before stopping at the oldest water source in Rome, the Trevi Fountain. The ornate and beautiful Trevi fountain was once the site of three less glamourous fountains. In order to replace the dull fountains, an order to commission a new fountain was placed during 18th century. What many do not know is that the original concept of the fountain dates back to 19 B.C. An old superstition leaves many to believe that the Trevi Fountain is lucky. This stems from the idea that money from a winning Lotto game helped refinance the Trevi Project in 1972. The lucky lotto numbers were 6, 11, 18, 54, 56. More than 3,000 Euros is collected each night from the Trevi Fountain and is donated to the local charity, Caritas. More than 80,000 cubic meters of water each day spills into the fountain, which comes from Salone Springs. Nighttime viewing of the Trevi Fountain has been made easier since the installation of LED lights in 2015.

City: Rome

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