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The original Pantheon was built during the reign of Augustus (27BC-14AD) by Marcus Agrippa. The Pantheon that tourists visit today is actually the 3rd version, which was rebuilt in 110AD. The first two Pantheons were destroyed by fires and they originally faced the South not the North direction. In fact, the inscription on the front facade of this landmark reads, “Marcus Agrippa, son of Lucius, having been consul three times made it”. The dome of this marvelous monument is supported by more than 6 meters thick of brick wall. Several world landmarks, such as the US Capitol Building and the Jefferson Memorial were designed to mimic this Roman masterpiece. Before being given the honor of becoming a Church, the Pantheon was used as a Pagan Temple during the early 7th century. A walk-through the Pantheon allows visitors a peak into the past thanks to the well-preservation of this Roman marvel.

City: Rome

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