Piazzale Michelangelo

Author: | Last Updated: 24 Oct 2019

A leisurely walk through the Piazzale Michaelangelo allows visitors to visit the Porta San Miniato, the church of San Miniato and take in a breathtaking view of the city. The panoramic view from this 19th century piazza is strikingly beautiful from all angles. This piazza was built in 1869 by Giuseppe Poggi. The Piazzale Michelangelo is the site of the best copies of Michelangelo’s work. Michelangelo got a kick start in his career by copying (counterfeiting) the works of other sculptors. It is only befitting that one way to honor this great artist was to choose the best duplicates of his work. Some of the works seen in this piazza are David and the Medici Chapel of San Lorenzo. The grazing hills and curves of this piazza are what make it unique and different. To take full advantage of visiting the piazza in its entirety, private tours and guides are available at the start of Ponte Vecchio.

City: Florence

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