Trinity College Library

Author: | Last Updated: 26 Oct 2019

Steeped in history, a visit to Dublin’s Trinity College is an essential stop on any exploration of the city. A working university campus, Trinity college is simply stunning. Perhaps the most alluring part of this whole campus though is the incredible Old library. Dating back to 1592, this library isn’t just one of the oldest but, it is also the most extensive library in Ireland. This prime tourist attraction contains over 6 million printed volumes. It is, perhaps, best known for the medieval manuscript: The Book of Kells. This manuscript is the most famous of its kind and visitors can lay their eyes on it within the spectacular setting of the library. Fans of towering bookshelves, polished wood and, ‘old book smell’ are in for a treat here as Trinity College Library has these in abundance! Make sure you snap a picture or two here, this place is so photogenic.

City: Dublin

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