Temple Bar

Author: | Last Updated: 26 Oct 2019

A visit to Dublin would be entirely incomplete without a trip to an authentic, Irish pub (or two). Located smack bang in the cultural hub of Dublin, Temple Bar is a lively and vibrant area to while away the hours. Busy, energetic and full of good pubs, shops and restaurants; there’s not many places in the world that offer what Temple Bar offers. A popular tourist attraction for many reasons, the Temple Bar area is an icon of Irish culture. For the culturally inclined, Temple Bar is a hub for the arts and, If you’re into street markets then Temple Bar has several to choose from. Whenever you visit, you can expect to hear great Irish music in the various pubs (including the world famous: Temple Bar pub), taste incredible food and meet incredible people around every corner. Temple bar is the perfect starting off point for exploring Dublin’s vibrant cultural district.

City: Dublin

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