Ha’penny Bridge

Author: | Last Updated: 26 Oct 2019

At over 200 years old, The Ha’penny Bridge is perhaps, Dublin’s best-known landmark. The bridge was cast in 1816 and has served as the only means of crossing the river Liffey on foot until recently. Named after the traditional custom of having to pay half a penny toll to pass from one area to the next.  In today’s terms, that seems insignificant but, to the average worker of the time, that amounted to half a day’s wages and meant that the rich and poor were effectively kept separate. This stunning bridge today is a top tourist attraction because of its beautiful location and the fact that it is a popular photo opportunity. It marks the perfect boundary between Dublin’s shopping district on the north side and the famous cultural quarter on the south. It is recommended that you see the bridge at sunset for spectacular views of the city in the dying light of the day.

City: Dublin

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