Westminster Abbey

Author: | Last Updated: 19 Oct 2019

There are few places so steeped in History than Westminster Abbey. Officially dubbed the Collegiate Church of Saint Peter at Westminster, this enormous Gothic masterpiece is an essential tourist attraction for those wanting to uncover Britain’s deep and colourful past. Dating back to 960AD, there’s a story to discover around every corner. Westminster Abbey is perhaps one of the most sacred sites in the whole of the UK and serves as the Queen’s official church. Stepping into this impressive and magnificent building is like stepping directly into the distant past. Be prepared to relive history as you explore and discover. Since the coronation of William the Conqueror nearly 1000 years ago, every king and queen of the British Isles have been crowned here in a genuinely royal ceremony. Westminster Abbey holds the secrets to Brittain’s rich history and is now the final resting place of Kings, Queens, famous poets, playwrights and prime ministers. What will you uncover?

City: London

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