Natural History Museum

Author: | Last Updated: 20 Oct 2019

Inside the magnificent high-Victorian building adorned with ornate terracotta, visitors will discover over 80 Million rare and priceless artefacts! The Natural History Museum is well worth a visit, whether you’re young or young at heart. From enormous skeletons of mammals such as whales and elephants to eerily preserved specimens of fish, reptiles and rodents, the museum is a spectacle to behold and one of the best tourist attractions London has to offer. For the brave at heart, the extensive collection of dinosaurs on display are both fascinating and terrifying. Watch out for the life-sized T-rex known to provoke a few screams from visitors and the giant claws of the velociraptors. With interactive exhibits and objects of interests for all ages, The Natural History Museum should sit at the top of any London explorer’s bucket list. The Natural History Museum is close to many other attractions. It makes a perfect starting point for exploring London’s incredible museums.

City: London

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