Buckingham Palace

Author: | Last Updated: 20 Oct 2019

One of the reasons so many people love to visit London, England’s capital city, is that it is the centre of British culture and history. Few tourist attractions encapsulate that better than Buckingham Palace. Home to the Brittish royal family including the Queen, the palace has also played host to a wide range of esteemed guests and dignitaries including many US presidents, world leaders and A-list celebrities.┬áMake sure you plan your visit to this exciting place to coincide with the world-famous ceremony, The Changing of the Guards where you will witness the Queen’s soldiers and guards marching to traditional British music. A little known fact about this ceremony is that its official name is, ‘guard mounting’ and it has been carried out by soldiers sworn to protect the monarch since 1660.┬áMake sure this is an essential part of your London itinerary as your friends and family back home will be sure to ask if you saw the home of the Queen.

City: London

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