English Bay

Author: | Last Updated: 4 May 2020

Located in the West End of Vancouver next to Stanley Park, English Bay is the main bay in Vancouver, BC. Its laid back atmosphere, gorgeous views, and beautiful beaches are just some of the reasons the English Bay is a popular tourist attraction beloved by visitors and locals alike. English Bay Beach, also called First Beach, is a popular beach on English Bay that’s home to the city’s annual Celebration of Light fireworks festival that takes place on three or four separate nights in late July and early August.

It is also where Vancouver’s annual January Polar Bear Swim takes place; where hundreds of crazy Vancouverites go swimming in the freezing ocean the morning of January 1st each year. The Seawall stretches along the English Bay area, connecting it to Stanley Park. You’ll find a few other beaches, the Vancouver Aquarium, a swimming pool, a children’s water park, a few eateries and plenty of biking and hiking trails within Stanley Park.

City: Vancouver

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