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Perth. The most isolated city in the world, the capital city of Australia’s largest state on the edge of the Indian Ocean on the west coast. A relatively young city, Perth is home to just 2 million people, but with perfect sunny skies, pristine sandy beaches, wide open spaces filled with natural Australian wildlife all within easy commuting distance of the friendly bustling city, Perth has become an increasingly popular destination for tourists. Whether you are a nature lover, history buff, foodie, beach lover or a culture-seeker, this city has something to offer and is a must see for every international traveller.

Best time to go

Perth is generally mild and sunny all year round, but the summer months can get steamy with temperatures climbing up to 30 degrees Celsius December through to February. The winter months are milder and it never really gets cold with lows of 10 degrees overnight and days clocking in at about 18-20 degrees, nice temperatures to be out and about exploring the city. These winter months can come with some rain however, up to 10-15 days in a given month so to be sure of mild temperatures and minimal chance of rain, Autumn and Spring are the ideal times to come – March/April or October/November feature the lowest incidence of rain and temperatures around 25 degrees – perfect.

Walk the city streets

The city of Perth is small and with wide, generous streets and lots of green spaces it’s a beautiful place just to wander. Whether it’s some high end shopping in the Hay Street Mall, discovering hidden gems in the cobblestoned laneways, or taking in some culture at the Art Gallery these streets have something for everyone. If you prefer to know exactly where you’re going, then a walking tour might be exactly what you’re after. There are tours catered to foodies, history lovers, coffee lovers, bar hoppers and everyone in between so you are sure to find a guide who can show you exactly what you’re after in this brilliant city.

King’s Park

This is a must for any visitor to Perth. Perched on a hilltop and with sweeping views of the city skyline, this park is one of the largest and most beautiful inner city parks in the world. It spans an impressive 400 hectares and also has the state’s botanic garden, protected bushland that is home to over 3000 species of native flora. Just 1.5 kilometres from the middle of the CBD, you can easily get to the park on foot, but the city also offers some free public buses so you can visit as many times as you like. With bushland walking trails, cycling paths, memorial statues, playgrounds, aboriginal cultural activities and tours and even an elevated walk through the tree tops, you could spend days here and still want to come back for more. Or you could simply just pack a picnic and find a piece of perfectly soft, green grass to enjoy the view over the city and watch the sun disappear over the horizon.

Walk or ride the South Perth foreshore

Nestled into the south side of the Swan River across from the city centre is the South Perth foreshore; this stretch of walking paths boast beautiful views of the city skyline along the banks of the river. Whether you’re an enthusiastic runners, cyclist, or someone who prefers to take in the view at a leisurely pace this is a great place to visit and see Perth from a different angle. Not to forget the foodies, the effort will be worthwhile, with a visit to the Boatshed restaurant to finish off a busy day with some delicious food, wine and a spectacular view of the city lights.

Swan River

If this all sounds like too much walking, then a cruise on the Swan River is for you. With countless operators to choose from you will be aboard in no time, taking in the magic of the city from the calm of the water. You will see the bustling city gradually give way to parks and wildlife with some beautiful homes scattered along the way. Not short of a story or two, you will get a unique perspective on the history of this city and the people that have made it what it is today.

Rottnest Island

This is a must for any nature lover, or even if you’re just a little bit curious about some of the intriguing wildlife found only in Australia. Make your way to the Freemantle dock, and after just half an hour on the ferry you’ll find yourself on the tiny island with quiet streets, sandy beaches with crystal clear water and friendly furry Aussie animals just waiting to feature in that perfect photo. You can take in the highlights in a day or choose to stay overnight, but be warned – you may never want to leave. There are loads of stunning beaches to explore, fishing, snorkelling, hiking and even golfing if you’d like, and you’re guaranteed to make some furry friends on the way. Home to Quokkas, Dugites, countless species of birdlife and more, this island is home to many unique Australian animals and is a truly great experience for all ages. Finish it off with fish and chips on the beach and you’ve had yourself a great day. Just watch out for the seagulls – they will steal your dinner if you give them half a chance!

Fremantle Markets

Almost entirely built by convicts in the mid 1800s, Fremantle is alive with history. After years as a penal colony, the gold rush finally brought some wealth to the area and it is now a thriving hub alive with markets, bars, restaurants and cafes. A walking tour is a great way to take in the history of the place and of course the prison is a prime attraction to see. After that you can wander through the markets before heading to the beach. This beautiful spot is the perfect place to rest tired feet, and the marina ensures you have access to more delicious, fresh seafood than you can eat.

Cottesloe Beach

Perth is home to many beautiful beaches, and really all of them deserve a write-up, but sunset at Cottesloe beach is something you cannot miss. The long expanse of sand stretches as far as the eye can see and the water is refreshing and clear. After a hot day in the sun, a swim in that clear salty water will make you feel alive again. Then enjoy a couple of cold beers as the sun slowly dips below the horizon into the Indian Ocean and you may wonder why you would ever leave.

Catch an AFL game

If you’re in Australia, then you’ve heard about AFL: the purely Australian football game that has all the elements you could want to keep you entertained. This sport is part of the life blood of the nation, and while it began in the eastern state of Victoria, it is now deeply entrenched in Western Australian culture. A game at the Perth stadium will draw crowds of up to 35,000 people and once you’ve got your meat pie and a beer, you are ready for a truly Australian experience.

Margaret River

If you like wine even a little bit, then Margaret River is worth the trip. Just 3 hours south of Perth, this stunning region boasts over 180 wineries, but is also home to some fabulous craft breweries, world class surfing and at the right time of year the waters host migratory Humpback whales. There are countless tour options that will take you through the best of the wineries, but it doesn’t stop there. The produce here is fresh – olives, cheeses, fruits and vegetables – a delight for any foodie. Visit the farmers markets and whip up something delicious yourself, or opt for a meal in one of the great restaurants in town. As long as it is washed down with delicious local wine and beer, you will congratulating yourself for great life choices made.

Pinnacles Desert

An arid and spectacularly other-worldly landscape, and just a couple of hours north of Perth, a trip to the Pinnacles desert should not be missed. In the middle of the Nambung national park, the Pinnacles are a series of thousands of limestone rock formations, standing up to 4 meters high these impressive natural formations are awe-inspiring. How and why these pinnacles formed has been much debated, but with thousands of aboriginal artefacts found in the area, we know that these formations have been inspiring awe in the people of this land for thousands of years.

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